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  • How do I change my account information?
    From the Website To change your password, email address, billing information, or membership plan, log onto the website at and click on Dashboard. In your Dashboard, you can change: email address name password payment method on file active subscription plan (monthly, annual, or cancel membership) payment history From the App Tap on the Gear icon, tap on Billing, tap on Manage my Subscription. This will prompt you to log in on a browser. Open the dashboard on a mobile device by tapping the little menu icon (three stacked lines in the black heading).
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    We hate to see you go, but we totally understand. We've made canceling your membership very easy. Log onto the website at Go to your Dashboard Click on Billing Select Change Plan Click on Cancel Membership. Because subscriptions aren't available directly through the apps but only through the website, account management must take place at the website. If you are trying to cancel your subscription but your account is on hold and requiring credit card information, please send us a support request via the form below and we will help you.
  • How can I reset my password?
    Go to and enter your email address where prompted. If you can’t find the password reset email, search all folders for 'Password Reset Instructions'.
  • How do I purchase a gift card?
    Gift cards can be purchased during the checkout process by selecting a subscription option and then choosing "buy as a gift," or by following this direct link: During the checkout process, you will have the option to send a personalized message to your recipient, as well as decide to send the gift card to them now or at a later time. After purchasing, you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you can print or copy the redemption code. You will also receive an email containing the code and further instructions concerning redemption.
  • How do I use a gift card?
    Click here to redeem your gift card now! Please note: If the amount on your gift card is equal to or greater than your chosen Mr. Phil TV plan, credit card information is NOT required when redeeming your gift card. You may simply leave the credit card field blank and click “complete” during the checkout process. (If your gift card amount is lower than your chosen plan, credit card information will be required.) - If you are logged in to an existing Mr. Phil TV account, you can alternatively visit your dashboard's billing page on our website to input and redeem a gift card code. Gift cards may also be redeemed during the checkout process in the "Coupon or Discount Code" field underneath your subscription details.
  • How do I find a specific video?
    There are a couple of ways: On the website... First, go to the Library page. If you've logged in to the site, you're automatically there. If you know the name of the video, click on the search icon and type in the name. You can also scroll through the rows of programming until you find the series name, then click on the series name to reveal all the videos in that series. You can also use the filters feature and search by section of the Bible or category. (Note: the categories are also how the rows in the library are organized.) On an app... The app homepage is the same as the Library page on the website. Scroll down until you find the show name or subject category you're looking for, then click to look through individual video titles. Or select the search icon and type in keywords to find the video title. iOS and Android apps also use the "Filters" feature from the website. To find the filters, select the search icon at the bottom of the screen and look for the funnel icon. The funnel brings you to the Filters.
  • How can I find the apps?
    Click below to navigate to any of our apps! iOS (iPhone or iPad) and Apple TV Android Android TV Fire TV Roku
  • How do I download videos to the app?
    Any of the videos on Mr. Phil TV can be downloaded to the Mr. Phil TV app to play offline for as long as you have a subscription to the membership. Videos cannot be downloaded to a computer. How to Download Open the Mr. Phil TV app Tap on the video you want to download Look for the arrow icon Tap the arrow to start the download Where to Find and Play Your Downloaded Videos Open the Mr. Phil TV app Tap on the Play button on the menu at the bottom of the screen Tap on Downloads to see your list of downloads Tap the trash can icon to remove a video from your downloads list
  • How can I Chromecast?
    The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab. To watch videos by using Chromecast: Make sure Chromecast is set up on your TV Make sure your laptop or device is logged on to the same WiFi network as your TV Open the video on your laptop or device and click on the Chromecast icon In the pop-up that appears, select the desired TV and "cast" If you don't see the Chromecast icon, try quitting the app and restarting your device.
  • How do I use autoplay?
    Autoplay for video collections is available on the Mr. Phil TV website and on our mobile apps. On the website, you can turn off autoplay by using the autoplay toggle under the video player. Autoplay is not currently supported by our TV apps.
  • How do I use a coupon or discount code?
    Entering your coupon in the "discount code" box listed under your selected subscription. Be sure to enter this code prior to completing your billing details. Please note: If you are using a discount code for a free month of Mr. Phil TV, you must select the monthly plan option. If you like, you are able to switch to an annual plan at the end of your free trial.
  • How do I begin a subscription on an existing account?
    If you have an existing account without an active subscription, you can begin a new subscription by visiting this link. Select your preferred subscription option, then log in to your account and complete the checkout process. (If you are already logged in, you will be prompted to simply complete checkout.)
  • What is the target age for these videos?
    Approximately ages 4-10. Our What's in the Bible? series is geared toward kids around third grade, and Mr. Phil TV is mostly targeted to kids in that elementary school age range, though some older preschoolers may enjoy as well.
  • Are there licenses available to use Mr. Phil TV at my church or school?
    Mr. Phil TV is currently available as a family resource for home use only. See below for more information about usage of our What’s in the Bible? series. If you’re interested in purchasing individual subscriptions for a group of families at a discount, contact us through the form at the bottom of this page. What's in the Bible? video content is licensed from Friends and Heroes Productions Limited for home use only. For information about church use or public showing, visit
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