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Great Shows

Like Phil's series What's in the Bible?Nearly 13 hours of great Bible teaching for kids, for the first time searchable by questions, topics and songs!

It's Mr. Phil TV!

A whole world of great Bible-teaching content for kids.  From the creator of VeggieTales.

Great Teaching

Like Phil's newest show, the Mr. Phil Show.  Learn about the books of the Bible and meet amazing people from history whose faith changed the world!

Great Fun!

Meet the Bible Nuts.  They're nuts for the Bible, and... they're nuts.  Oh, and they have a rock band that sings songs about the books of the Bible.

Plus a whole lot more of the fun that Phil has always been known for.


Mr. PhilTV?


Family Time

A whole collection of 5-minute family devotional shorts, going through 4 rich, easy books of the Bible for the whole family.  After dinner, before bed, bring faith to life together!

Give it a try!

Get access today and discover

a brand new way to introduce kids to God's

amazing book!

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